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          Client Agreement

Splash Mobile Pet Spa


Serving select areas of Solano County

  • Cancellations

    • We try to be fair and understanding with clients regarding emergency cancellations and reserve the right to waive fees on a case-by-case basis.

    • Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to an appointment will be subject to a $30 fee per dog. Fees must be paid in full prior to re-booking.

    • If we arrive at a client’s location and are then notified that a cancellation is necessary a $50 fee, per dog, may be applied. Fees must be paid in full prior to re-booking.

    • Appointment dates and times are reaffirmed at time of scheduling and again via text and/or email 72 hours prior to appointment.

    • As a mobile service, sometimes circumstances arise that we cannot control, and may cause delays or cancellations. We try very hard to keep open communication should delays occur. In the event that appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled from our end, no fees will apply.

  • Payment

    • Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

    • We allow a 5 business day grace period before assessing a $20 late fee to the invoice.  After 10 business days, it will be considered non payment and legal action may be pursued.

  • Assessment of Pet’s Condition for Service

    • We try to obtain as much information prior to our initial visit as possible to ensure we have scheduled enough time and have the required equipment and supplies. We expect the client to be as transparent as possible concerning any physical limitations or behavioral issues that might impact the grooming process.

    • If we determine, during the grooming process, that the pet is not fit to continue with service or the groomer cannot safely perform standard duties, we will immediately notify the client. At that point, there will be an assessment of services performed; if appropriate, adjustment of the total due will be made and payment will be expected. 

    • Please notify your groomer if you are aware of any physical or behavioral changes in your pet prior to grooming.

  • Matted Coat

    • While we do everything in our power to meet expectations, there is a limit to the amount of de-matting we will perform on a pet. The limit will depend on the extent and severity of the matted areas and the pet’s tolerance to the process.

    • Sometimes the extent of the matting is unknown in initial assessment. If, at any time during the groom, we feel we are unable to produce the requested results we will notify the client that a “shave down” will be the most humane option.

    • Should the client choose to retrieve the pet after notification, and opt to de-mat at home they may do so.  At that time there will be an assessment of services performed; if appropriate, adjustment of the total due will be made and payment will be expected.

  • Injuries

    • Accidents do happen. When you have a live animal, a groomer that is all too human, and equipment that must be utilized with great care, there is a possibility of injury.

    • We take great care to limit injuries per our assessments, equipment maintenance, current and ongoing education and certifications.

    • If a pet is injured and we are aware of the injury, we will notify the client immediately. If we are unable to reach the client, we reserve the right to transport the pet to the nearest veterinary facility for emergency care. We will cover the costs of any injuries caused by us by paying the vet service directly. We reserve the right to request more information from the veterinarian concerning charges and services provided by them.

    • If an injury is noticed by the client after our visit, we will request picture documentation and any other information necessary to determine the origin and the extent of the injury within 24 hours of the visit. 

    • We take measures to minimize nicks and irritation caused by removal of matted coat or fragile skin. Mild irritation may occur during the normal grooming process and the majority of these cases are not cause for alarm.

    • The client will not hold Splash Mobile Pet Spa or it's employees liable for injuries resulting from aggravation of prior injuries, self inflicted wounds, or minor injuries normally associated with grooming matted or impacted coats or sensitive skin.

  • Liability of Client Injury

    • Splash Mobile Pet Spa is licensed and insured through The Hartford and Governor’s Insurance.

    • Insurance coverage does NOT cover client injuries inside our work areas.

    • Aside from special requests by our technicians for assistance, clients will be asked to stay inside their homes  to allow the safest interaction between groomer and pet.

    • The client will not hold Splash Mobile Pet Spa or it's employees liable for any injury to self, occurring as a result of entering or exiting the premises, or aiding in the grooming process.

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation with these changes. We are committed to the health and well being of each pet and their 2 legged families, always! 

I have read and understand the new distancing regulations and agree to follow these guidelines

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