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Full Service Grooming includes a double bath with a premium, hypoallergenic shampoo, a haircut based on            

needs or owner's specifications,       

nail trimming & filing,

ear cleaning,    

teeth brushing and anal glands         

expressed upon request.

Xtra Small  (under 10lbs) ex. chihuahua, yorkie


Small (under 20lbs) ex. shihtzu, maltese, pomeranian


Medium (under 50lbs) ex. schnauzer, cocker spaniel, min. poodle


Large (under 80lbs) ex. standard poodle, miniature doodle (any variety), golden retriever


Xtra Large (over 80lbs) ex. doodle (any variety), st. bernard, bernese mt. dog


Prices are based on breed, size, coat type, temperment & desired services

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